September 1, 2023

Why Builders Love Australian Suppliers

Australian supplies

The quality of Australian suppliers is something you can build on

When it comes to making sure you have a quality product, you can’t beat the best offerings from the top Australian suppliers.

That’s why builders right across the country know that what they need has to meet the strictest standards and be able to handle the often-extreme conditions of the ever-changing Australian climate. 

There is no other place on Earth that can throw such a mix of temperatures, rain and hail, wild winds and storms, even bushfires and almost anything else you can think of. Builders know that you need to work with the weather and not try to take it on with things that won’t stand up to the test.

Why do Australian suppliers top the rest?

The point of difference with choosing Australian suppliers rather than those from overseas is the safeguard of knowing the standards of quality in each product.

There are too many instances of poor-quality building supplies being used and then having to be replaced due to their inferiority. 

The regulation in the manufacture of various products is different in many countries and the adherence to a particular standard is often questionable.

That is why builders rely on the strict standards that must be met by Australian suppliers when they both make and source materials and products for use.

The last thing you need is to be left with a poor quality product which may even be dangerous to use. A builder’s reputation and livelihood can be damaged or destroyed when they have been found to use an inferior product in their work.

What to look for in an Australian supplier

You can follow the lead on what a professional builder would buy and use when you are doing any DIY work at your place.

The benefits of choosing Australian supplies include:

  • A high standard of quality products
  • The ability to source materials more quickly and easily
  • Direct contact with the supplier about any issue
  • A reliability of manufacture and delivery
  • Knowledge and appropriate application for Australian conditions

It’s not always possible to know exactly where and how a product is made and whether it will stand up to the job involved. With Australian suppliers, you have the advantage of researching the where, what and how of both the product and the company you are dealing with.

Just knowing that there is a quality check on what you buy and knowing who your supplier is can give you the peace of mind that you can rely on.

Local suppliers of appropriate products

The building industry is built on trust and reliability.

Whether it’s hiring a crane for special construction purposes or an air compressor for running air tools and equipment, Australian builders need to be able to do the job right and to a set work plan.

That’s where a trusted local supplier can mean the difference between staying on schedule or blowing out both time and budget.

There is a huge advantage in being able to call upon the right supplier for exactly what is required and when it is needed for any project.

That includes last-minute changes or backup in the event of an emergency.

Having that local supplier with the know-how and flexibility to meet those special demands is an asset to any builder and it is a relationship they are eager to protect and maintain.

The Australian supplier and the local conditions

It doesn’t take much to see how important that a product has to meet particular standards and just as importantly, be able to be used under local conditions.

Having the right sourced materials can mean the difference between wasting valuable time and money or having something that will stand the test of time.

As an example, you may buy some stylish and well-designed wire furniture for your home. Whilst it may look the part and add a charm to your outdoor setting, you want to know that it is able to withstand the local weather conditions.

  • Will it weather the local climate and still look as good in a year’s time?
  • Can it handle the sea air or humidity?
  • Does it need to be waterproofed?
  • Is it prone to rusting?
  • How much general wear and tear can it handle?

Suddenly, that chic furniture purchase could be an expensive exercise in what not to buy for your Aussie home. 

You wouldn’t be alone in being ‘burned’ by choosing the wrong product for your local conditions.

This is where asking your local Australian supplier about what you need to know can prevent you from making a similar mistake. The response you get will let you know how reliable both the product and supplier will be when you do part with your money.

The Australian climate as a key factor

As nearly every Australian builder worth their name will tell you, building products and supplies need to be able to be up to the test of the Australian climate.

That goes for everything from the concrete slab and timbers of a new home to the finishing touches of a paint or wood stain.

Knowing what you are getting can make all the difference, particularly with anything exposed to the elements.

That’s why there is something special about an Australian deck stain. You can be sure that it can live up to the promise of handling the harsh Aussie weather conditions. That includes the searing Australian sun, wild storms, heavy downpours and even the chill of the colder months in certain parts of the country. 

It’s the same story when it comes to a quality exterior furniture stain. This is when most timber furniture is truly tested with the extreme elements. A top-line stain will keep your set looking its very best for longer.

Going with a local product from a local Australian source gives you the knowledge that you have made a reliable choice. It’s no wonder why builders choose Australian suppliers for true peace of mind.