September 1, 2023

Realtors! Real Estate Isn’t Your Hobby!

stop treating real estate as a hobby because it is a business

Real estate isn’t a hobby.

In regards to the customer’s connection in recent years, we have seen some new trends. More than ever before, the average person has access to the sorts of statistics, market analyses, technology, and expert opinions that were previously reserved for folks who actively made their living as a realtor or broker.

Consider, for instance. Before the world wide web, much of this information would exist at the mouths of agents that are working or in broker licensure textbooks. Consumers trusted their real estate professional to have this information and thus had little need to know it.

Realtors are blabbing all over the blogosphere earning a buck by telling consumers to do their jobs Nowadays. “Six steps to six figures.” “Real estate for real money”. Consequently, some appear to think of getting a real estate agent like taking up a hobby, something to occupy your downtime and earn you fast cash simultaneously.

However, most hobbies are cheap, and even the ones that are expensive are about the enjoyment of the activity. With a hobby, since you don’t have anything to lose, you are permitted to be careless. Neglect your herb garden for a few days? No big deal. Don’t play with your guitar for a month? It’ll still be there when your fingers get the itch.

With this definition, real estate is not a hobby, in fact, it is a business. It is about money, and you stand to lose it. The marketplace has shown in the last few years, when you get careless in real estate: the real estate doesn’t lose, you do.

As an agent, you’re an independent contractor, so it’s your responsibility to handle your own business.

While real estate is professional finally, hobbies are private. Only the people with whom you choose to talk about your hobbies know about them, which means they do not have a huge impact on your image.

But as your conduct as a real estate agent occurs in the professional world, pretty much anyone can find out about it. Say you’ve got a client to satisfy, but everyone she knows says that you’re unreliable. You’ve just lost a sale.

None of this means that you should not enjoy working as a Realtor. To the contrary, you are not likely to be successful if you don’t. All of the world’s best agents are people who gain pleasure from their job all the while understanding that it’s, well, work.