September 1, 2023

Read This Before Booking Your Next Airbnb, You Might Save More Than Just Money…

trash in house airbnb vs hotel

Airbnb was founded to permit homeowners and tenants to earn additional money by renting a room or an entire apartment when they were out.

Ideally, travellers could get somewhere to stay for a fraction of the purchase price of a hotel.

It seemed like a fantastic idea; however, like so many technology startups, the online rental platform has had unintended negative consequences.

On that note, here are three reasons why I’d pick a hotel over Airbnb:

1. Hotels have a Simpler check-in

To check into a hotel, you walk in the lobby any time of night or the day.

I have discovered that checking to an Airbnb is similar to a treasure hunt. You are going to need to be in detailed communication with the area’s host to work out the factors of your check-in scenario.

This isn’t what I wish to deal with when I am tired and jet-lagged.

2. With hotels, you get what you see

With Airbnb, the photographs to get a room could seem online that is great but look different in person. The space might not be as advertised or the neighbourhood might be a nightmare.

My last Airbnb was in a little apartment in Chicago, it was promoted as a work-friendly, but there was no desk and the table was outside, on the balcony. The kitchen was so narrow that the door couldn’t open. The furniture looked like it had come in the dumpster behind a servo. Along with the air conditioner sounded like a freight train. A hotel — any hotel — could have been better.

3. Hotels are not necessarily more expensive than an Airbnb

Numerous cities around the globe are wiping out the price benefit of Airbnb’s by levying the exact same occupancy taxes on Airbnb they perform on hotels. As soon as you include Airbnb’s guest service fee(that may be as much as 20% ), the price advantage over a hotel room might well be erased.

The few times Airbnb looked cheaper, cleaning fees and adding taxes, an Airbnb remained costing about the same as the hotel that I opted for, minus the amenities of the hotel.